Tips for Seniors to Make Scented Candles at Home

Tips for Seniors to Make Scented Candles at Home

Aroma candles are an excellent way to fill a room with exquisite scents. Their impact is soft and gentle, and a delicate fragrance affects your mood and emotions and helps to fight physical ailments common in old age. They also represent the perfect air freshener, as they are smaller in size and easier to carry with them than the aroma lamp. You can buy scented candles in many stores, but making them yourself is much faster and easier even if you are a senior, and their quality is also much higher. It is also a guarantee that the candles will meet your needs.

Fragrant wax:

Scented candles are made by mixing oils with melted wax before it hardens. When the oil candle is lit again, the oil evaporates as it heats. You can, of course, buy ready-made candles, but if you make them yourself, you can not only choose your favorite fragrances for them but also fill them with positive energy.

Making aroma candles:

For starters, take any non-flavored candle. Simple floating candles are ideal for beginners, as they are cheap and quickly burn through, giving you the opportunity to try and appreciate the quickly created fragrances.


  1. Light an unscented candle and let it burn until a dimple with melted wax forms around the wick.


  1. Before pouring in the oil, blow out the candle. Some oils are flammable, so never pour them into an unwashed candle.


  1. Add a few drops of one or more aromatic oils of your choice to the resulting depression with melted wax, then let the candle harden.


  1. When the wax cools and hardens completely, you can light the candle again. The fragrances that you added will spread while the candle burns.
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Safety measures:

Massage essential oils can be safely added to the melted wax candles, as they are usually purified and undiluted. Never pour oil into a burning candle, as this can be very dangerous.

Never forget to blow a candle before you go to sleep or leave the room or house. When it burns, put it in a safe place.

Add only a few drops to the candle, otherwise, if there is an excess of oil during its burning, an excessively strong smell will go.

Watch your candle – make sure you do not leave the open flame unattended.

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