Comparing Medicare Supplement Plans and Medicare Advantage

When you reach 65 years you have to decide how you want to receive your Medicare part A and B, and also whether you need more coverage to help you cover your health care costs. You will decide between Medicare advantage plans or stick with the original Medicare and enroll in one or two Medicare supplement plans that are available. Every Medicare plan you choose has its own advantage, rules, policies and costs. Care need to be taken when choosing any Medicare plan.


What Should You Choose?


Your choice depends on your health status and other requirements. If you choose Medicare advantage plan you have to pay monthly premiums for Part B plus your monthly premiums for any plan you choose. Aetna medicare supplement plans are standardized, they offer the same benefits anywhere you go but still there is difference of price. This is due to difference in premiums each company has to offer.


When choosing any Medicare supplement plan you have to make comparison between the providers in your state. You should compare key factors like; monthly premiums, deductibles, hospital services coverage, doctor and pharmacy restrictions and out of pocket expenses.


On the other hand Medicare advantage plans are other options to traditional Medicare. When you enroll in Medicare advantage you’re still not out of your original Medicare, but your Medicare benefit is in your Medicare advantage plan not with the federal program.


 How To Qualify For Medicare Advantage Plan


* You should have traditional Medicare part A and B.

* Must live in the same state you’re enrolling into the Medicare advantage plan.

* You’re not having any last-stage renal disease (there are exceptions)


Medicare advantage plans have the same coverage benefits with your original Medicare. Some plans can even provide more coverage than the traditional Medicare. For instance vision and dental care are not covered in original Medicare but Medicare advantage plan can take care of that.


The benefit of Medicare advantage plan is that it provides more coverage than original Medicare. It covers dental care, vision, hearing and other health problems. Original Medicare can’t cover these situations; you have to use out of pocket expenses to cover them. Medicare advantage plans also cover your drug prescription.


Can You Have Both Medicare Supplement Plans And Medicare Advantage Plan?


You cannot enroll into Medicare advantage plan and Medicare supplement at the same time. You can’t use supplement plans to cover deductible or premiums from Medicare advantage plan. You have to decide whether to use original Medicare with supplement plans or with Medicare advantage plan.