Choose The Best Medicare Plans In Three Easy Steps!

Medicare with added Medicare Supplement plans is designed to extend health insurance for American citizens aged 65 and above. It also provides health insurance to differently abled younger people as determined by the Social Security Administration. Not only this, it covers people with terminated diseases like amyotrophic lateral sclerosis and renal disease.

Over the years, it is an observed fact among the Americans that they are keen to get Medicare coverage, but they are not sure of what they want.

Keeping in mind it’s such manifold benefits; find out how you can choose the Medicare plans that best suits your need!

First, make a decision.  Get help with this as

There are two ways to get a Medicare coverage viz. Original Medicare (Part-A and Part-B) and Medicare Advantage (Part-C). Few people opt for Medicare Supplement plans like prescription drug coverage or Medigap.

Here are few things to consider:

  • In the case of original Medicare, which covers hospital insurance and medical insurance; you have the choice to choose doctors, hospitals, healthcare clinics, and other medical facilities that accept
  • Medicare Advantage plan is an inclusion of both Part-A and Part-B. In this case, the coverage is provided by some private insurance companies approved by Medicare.
  • Of late, the standardized premium varies between 130 – 134 US dollars or more, depending upon your annual income. If opting for a Medicare Advantage plan, you will have to pay a monthly premium in addition to your Part-A or Part-B premium.

Next, do you think you need prescription drug coverage?

Actually, it depends upon the Medicare plan you have opted.

  1. For Part-A and Part-B

If you are bearing hefty medical bills, then it is a wise decision to choose a Medicare prescription drug coverage plan. Generally offered by private companies approved by Medicare; you can get it by paying a monthly premium.

  1. For Part-C

Prescription drug coverage is usually offered by Medicare advantage plan so it is advised better to get it through the plan.

Finally, think of some Medicare Supplement plans!

  1. If you have original Medicare coverage

Copayments, coinsurance, deductibles are some health care costs not covered by Medicare. For this, you can buy a medical policy from some private company.

  1. If you have Medicare Advantage coverage

It is to be noted that you cannot choose to supplement health plan if you are under Part-C coverage.

Anymore dilemma? Don’t think so!

Opt for Medicare coverage today! With some Medicare Supplement plans; you can have the best health cover!